Cilicant Desiccant
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CILICANT PRIVATE LIMITED formerly known as Cilicant Chem Private Limited.

oxygen absorber for medicines

The need to protect drugs, medical devices, and new types of medical packaging, such as auto-injectors and prefilled syringes, etc., has created a need for innovative solutions to meet the challenges of oxidative degradation. While there are many approaches for protecting pharmaceutical desiccant products and medical devices from oxidation-induced degradation, in this whitepaper by Cilicant, we will explore the use of oxygen absorber sachets as an economic and effective oxygen control mechanism.

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Cilicant Superior Activated Carbon Desiccant

Cilicant offers a superior product made by using coconut shells which is very pure and efficient, tends to be denser with a greater number of micro-pores and safeguards formulators and manufacturers from customer complaints arising from dusting issues

Manish Jain
Manish Jain, Managing Director of Cilicant Chem, a company that provides solutions to protect highly moisture-sensitive products from the harmful effects of moisture or humidity for the desiccant market, discusses the company’s growth strategy.
Pharma desiccant products 2

How Pune-based Cilicant is trying to disrupt MNC-dominated pharma desiccant market In pharmaceuticals, desiccants play an important role in keeping the drugs stable and extending their shelf life.

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Manish Jain, Managing Director, Cilicant Chem shares few insights during the interaction-  In this context, BioSpectrum got in touch with Pune based company Cilicant Chem that has established itself as a leader in the desiccant market, offering some of the most superior quality solutions to protecting highly moisture-sensitive products from the harmful effects of moisture or humidity.