White Paper

Relative humidity regulators: Fine-tuning water activity in pharmaceuticals

Water activity, or equilibrium relative humidity as it is more commonly called, is a very fundamental factor of the success of pharmaceutical packaging efforts. In this paper we explore why this should be a key consideration in designing effective packaging approaches and suggest the use of relative humidity regulators as a preferable desiccant choice in applications where the water activity must be maintained in a narrow range.

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Oxygen Absorbers: An efficient solution for extended shelf-life in healthcare packaging

The need to protect drugs, medical devices, and new types of medical packaging, such as auto-injectors and prefilled syringes, etc., has created a need for innovative solutions to meet the challenges of oxidative degradation. While there are many approaches for protecting pharmaceutical products and medical devices from oxidation-induced degradation, in this whitepaper by Cilicant, we will explore the use of oxygen absorber ...

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