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CILICANT has established itself as a leading manufacturer in active packaging and as an innovator in the industry. with a wide range of superior quality sorbents designed to protect sensitive products from the degradations caused by moisture and oxygen, CILICANT enables manufacturers and distributors to deliver the products to their consumers safely. From CILICANT, one of the fastest-growing active packaging manufacturers in India comes a new type of moisture absorber – one that will work in environments where other desiccants are ineffective, making it suitable for a whole new range of applications and industries.

What is DAVSORB?

DAVSORB is an innovative solution utilising a calcium chloride-based moisture absorber that absorbs moisture up to 300% of its weight. The unique formulation works by converting absorbed moisture into a gel, securely capturing it within the sachet, and avoiding moisture seepage back into the packaging.

Why use DAVSORB?

DAVSORB is different because it remains effective even when packaging isn’t airtight, so it is ideal for applications where traditional desiccants’ efficacy does not suffice.

  • Indicative-converts moisture into gel
  • Improved performance in high humidity conditions
  • Safe with moisture-sensitive products
  • Compact and slim design

Where to use DAVSORB?

DAVSORB is to be used with any moisture-sensitive product requiring active packaging protection where conventional desiccants like silica gel are unsuitable or ineffective. this product is advantageous in packaging for electronics, engineering, leather, or textile products.

Industry Applications

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DAVSORB is available in sachet sizes ranging from 2g to 200g

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