Natural Desiccant Pouch

Environment Friendly And Highly Efficient

Desiccant Pouch


Remove Contaminants to Enhance the Quality of Your Products

CILICANT Activated Alumina is a filter media made by treating aluminium ores which makes it porous and highly adsorptive.

It can remove a variety of stubborn contaminants in your manufacturing process, including excessive fluoride, arsenic and selenium. It is widely used as a catalyst for recovering sulphur in the petrochemical industry; as a de-fluorination agent of drinking water and for recycling alkyl-hydrocarbon; as a reclaiming agent to de-acidify transformer oil; as an adsorbent in the production of hydrogen peroxide; and as a de-arsenic agent in the acid industry.


Clay+ Natural Desiccant

Contains highly activated clay plus additives like calcium chloride for enhancing absorption capacity
Has a moisture adsorbing capacity of more than 80%

Mineral Clay Natural Desiccant

Contains naturally occurring mineral clay sans additives making it chemically inert, non-corrosive and non-hazardous
Has a moisture absorption capacity of 23% minimum


Provides long-term protection due to consistent performance

REACH and RoHS compliant

Meets MIL-D-3464E Type I, Type II and Type III for packaging usage

Made of special multi-layer fabric which is breathable, durable, and non-tearable, making the packaging leakage and spill proof irrespective of storage and handling conditions.

Cilicant Natural Desiccant Pouches ranges from

– 2g to 500g*.
*Customized packing available on request

Extend Your Product Shelf Life